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Spirit of the Maple Leaf-Award Winners



Spirit of the Maple Leaf is an award system which CIEO has created to honour outstanding student efforts and accomplishments.  The awards are given to students who excel in five different areas which are of great important to the national character of Canada. Congratulations to all of our entrants and winners.  We really enjoy reading about the

things you are all doing, and even if you didn’t win, we hope you’ll keep these values in mind.




Multiculturalism 多元化文化主义


Awarded to students who open themselves to new experiences which are considered “foreign” to much of Chinese society with open minds and willing to challenge themselves to become more international by trying new things or learning through cultural exploration.





胡新宇 Kevin
Canadian International Kindergarten(CKE-CA)


    Kevin is always very curious about different cultures in daily life and study. He reads andexplores books on the humanities and likes English picture books and cartoons but film ishis favorite. When he meets people from other countries, in a western restaurant or travelabroad, he often takes the initiative to communicate with them in English.




Humility and Politeness 谦逊和礼貌


Awarded to students who show good manners and consideration for others as well as to students who both win and lose with grace and humility. Students demonstrating behavior which shows an understanding of the right way to treat others and students who make a good personal impression upon the people they meet through positive demeanour.




曹雨桐 Jenny
Canadian Kindergarten- Calgary (CKE-CY) 


Jenny is an appropriate recipient of this award because she has all the character of a refined girl. She is courteous to others who need assistance with their English. She is never pushy and can follow teachers’ instructions without being told twice. She remembers all rules and common courtesy for how to treat others and is a very sweet and young woman.




Bravery 勇敢


Awarded to students who show bravery in overcoming adversity and rising to meet a challenge.  Students who are unafraid to try their best and to stand tall and be proud while taking on a challenge. 




莫秉润 Ben
Canadian International Kid’s English-Tianhe(CTC-TH) 



Ben is 11years old. He loves music and food and has a nice personality. He is fond of talking with his friends and everyone also likes to chat with him. His demeanour is low-key - he doesn’t like to express himself – but if he decides to do something he always surprises people who know him. For example, he took part in English spelling and speech contests for Guangdong province and earned gold prizes.



Environmental Protection 环境保护


Awarded to students who have made an outstanding effort towards protecting the environment and who take responsibility for helping to reduce, reuse and recycle or otherwise help keep our planet clean and healthy for future generations.




罗汉果 Hango

Canadian International Kindergarten-Agile(CKE-AG)



On September 10, Hango and his father went to Huolu Mountain and took a part in a public parent-child activity of seven kilometers, hiking and cleaning up garbage on mountain. Their action contributed to protecting Mother Earth and set a good example of not littering and not destroying nature.


Healthy Living 健康生活


Awarded to students who show a commitment to a healthy lifestyle.  Students who exercise actively and pay careful attention to other healthy habits like diet and sleep habits. 




周子轩 Kyson

Canadian International Kid’s English-Jiangnan (CTC-JN)


Every night as his teacher listens to his voice message, he always says thank you teacher, now and I will sleep. From his smile we can see that he is a happy boy. His parents have a balanced diet. On his mother’s  wechat  we find many healthy foods in beautiful photos. His parents have a good diet which leads to their children having one too.






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