2018年 CIEO春季“枫叶精神”优秀学生提名
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2018 Spirit of the Maple Leaf Program Season 1

Spirit of the Maple Leaf is an award system which CIEO has created to honour outstanding student efforts and accomplishments.  The awards are given to students who excel in five different areas which are of great important to the national character of Canada.  We hope students will keep these values in mind.


Awarded to students who show bravery in overcoming adversity and rising to meet a challenge.  Students who are unafraid to try their best and to stand tall and be proud while taking on a challenge. 
Student Name

 加拿达国际少儿英文学校——东山学校Canadian International Kids’ English – Dongshan(CTC-DS)
Reason for Nomination
Barbie今年参加了2018年冬季加拿大游学营,这是她第一次独立参加国外营,但是孩子非常的勇敢,虽然才五年级,但是在异国他乡,积极地跟着老师们参与当地的ESL课程以及各种活动!学习是一件不容易的事情,但是她很努力地提升和锻炼自己!妈妈说:“因为她是独生女,希望她能快点提高自主能力,快点长大!”新学期开学,在课堂中,她的口语进步非常地大,积极地担当Team leader的角色。游学营不只是行走在路上,更重要的是用心去感受,提升自己。相信她的努力让她收获了更多!
Barbie participated in the Canadian Winter Camp of 2018, her first independent involvement within a foreign camp, and in doing so, proved a strong sense of bravery. She followed her teachers by participating in local ESL courses, along with various activities. Learning isn’t always easy, and she worked toward improvement, and applied herself accordingly, when removing herself away from her comfort zone.
Since the star of the semester, she’s shown great progress in her English verbal skills, and has successfully occupied the role of ‘Team Leader’ in her classroom. The study camp has equipped her with a strong sense of self belief, and believing in one’s self, means being brave enough to do so.

Awarded to students who open themselves to new experiences which are considered “foreign” to much of Chinese society with open minds and willing to challenge themselves to become more international by trying new things or learning through cultural exploration.


Student Name


罗与乐 Leo

佛山市禅城区卡尔加里幼儿园Canadian Kindergarten – Calgary (CKE-CY)

Reason for Nomination


Luo Yule,a child empowered by curiosity and a desire to understand various cultures, enjoys reading books, which expand upon his existing general and geographical knowledge, along with the unique customs, the world has to offer. He enjoys documentaries which focus on the spheres of Science, as well as the rumblings of animals and their natural habitat.

He is quite fond of his foreign teacher, which motivates his interest in English. This salivating thirst, lead him to first place in the 11th National Kindergarten English Spoken Contest. This was achieved through cultivating a diversified form of education, prevalent in our kindergartens, which facilitated a greater understanding of different cultures. This in turn, expands horizons by learning to be equal, tolerant and respectful.   

Environmental Protection环境保护
Awarded to students who have made an outstanding effort towards protecting the environment and who take responsibility for helping to reduce, reuse and recycle or otherwise help keep our planet clean and healthy for future generations.

Student Name


Canadian Kindergarten – Coral Bay Crescent(CKE-CB)

Reason for Nomination

The earth’s resource is limited, and as the population grows, it’s crucial for us to be aware of the scarcity and lead a sustainable life style. In our home, we do our best to preserve the earth’s resources and protect the environment.
Carbon emission is probably one of the biggest concerns for environmentalists. Although inventions such as car and air conditioners provide people with lots of convenience, they consume large amounts of energy and emit pollution. To reduce the carbon print in our family, we often bike to destinations rather than driving. Thanks to the development of shared bicycles, we encourage our neighbors and friends to bike with us during weekend trips. We feel fortunate that we live in Guangzhou, which has rather developed public transportation; therefore, we often choose to take the bus or subway rather than driving. Moreover, when summer arrives, we reduce the use of air conditioner by using fan whenever the temperature is still bearable. Even if we need the air conditioner, we never set the temperature below 27 degrees.
Waste is also a huge issue in urban area. While plastic bags are cheap and convenient, they are hard to decompose and threaten the eco system. In our home, we have the habit of bringing our own Eco bags when going outside, so we hardly use any plastic bags in the past two years. What’s more, even though the water fee is not expensive, we save water as much as we can. As a huge fan of plants, our family has about ten different plants on the balcony. In order to save water, we always water the plants with water that was used to wash rice or vegetables when cooking. Also, we choose to take a shower rather than a bath to avoid wasting water.


Humility and Politeness谦逊和礼貌
Awarded to students who show good manners and consideration for others as well as to students who both win and lose with grace and humility. Students demonstrating behavior which shows an understanding of the right way to treat others and students who make a good personal impression upon the people they meet through positive demeanour.

Student Name

陈珣熙 Sussie
广州市番禺区雅居乐加拿达中英文幼儿园Canadian International Kindergarten – Agile(CKE-AG)

Reason for Nomination

Sussie有着圆圆的小脸蛋,面对别人时总是笑眯眯的。清晨,当她背书包走进教室你总会听到她甜甜的说一句:“Good morning”;不小心碰撞到同伴时,你总会见到她马上站好,说一句:“对不起”;若是有小朋友伤心了难过了,她总是第一个嘘寒问暖:“你怎么了?不哭了。”看到老师在使用剪刀,她会很认真的说道:“老师,你要小心点,不要剪到自己的手了。”

Sussie is a gentle soul, with a smile as warm as the sun. Every morning, upon entering the classroom, we’re all greeted by the most melodious ‘’Good Morning!’’ It’s a wonderful way to begin the day. If Sussie accidentally bumps into someone, she immediately apologizes with the most sincere ‘’I’m so sorry’’.  If she stumbles across a sad child, she’s always the first to ask ‘’What happened? Are you ok?’’ One day, Sussie noticed her teacher using a pair of scissors, and warned ‘’Please be careful, I don’t want you to cut your finger.’’ Sussie is very popular amongst her classmates, as she displays great levels of empathy to anyone with a ‘heartbeat’.

Healthy Living健康生活
Awarded to students who show a commitment to a healthy lifestyle.  Students who exercise actively and pay careful attention to other healthy habits like diet and sleep habits. 

Student Name

广州市增城区金地加拿达幼儿园Canadian Bilingual Kindergarten – Gemdale (CKE-ZC)

Reason for Nomination

Alla is a small and inconspicuous boy, but it doesn't prevent him from being a child who likes to run and chase.
We like to call him a running snail.
Since childhood, on the background of freedom educational environment, he loves catching insects on grass, jumping in the mud after it rains, and running on the seaside with the breeze of the seawind.
He likes sports, but also he is an overcautious child. So, he began to ride a balance scooter when he was young. In the process of going downhill, turning, and reaching fast speeds, both feet leaving the ground, feeling the balance, and feeling the pleasure of his courage. And because of this, he likes football, skating and other sports.
He's not a natural athlete. I think it's the best to challenge himself.
Every little boy has a hero in his heart, and the hero of Alla is the combination of the American captain and Lodi. He knows to be a hero, the body needs to eat vegetable  and meat.  He loves carrots, vegetables, beef and fish soup. And the most he wants to show is that he chews the food and crunch with his hard teeth.
The brave and optimistic, soft and tough little boy, he has the strength to run forward.

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