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Education is the foundation of a century-long plan.

Teachers should be the basis for education.

Teachers' great plans are based on their professional ethics.



Most people would say a teacher is the person who can lead students to knowledge and help them solve the problems through study. A teacher is also a torchbearer for students; their behavior has great influence on student development. To focus on teachers’ character, morals, political qualities and professional ethics, Canadian International Educational Organization(CIEO) held a training at the CIEO Merchant Hills Campus on Mar.9th. 



Lawyer, Huang Xiaofeng, from the Guangdong Zhengda United Law Firm, gave a speech about security administration for educational institutions. He talked about the details of potential civil, administrative and criminal liability for teachers in educational institutions as they carry out the security administrative duties. He told teachers about cases he had seen and warned them to follow the teachers’ professional ethics guidelines. As teachers, we must control ourselves well and care for our students because through caring for them we also care for ourselves. 


Mr. Huang also provided answers to questions about the legal confusions and doubts teachers may have about in their work.



Ms. Liao Yanfang, director of the educational law department at Guangdong Huayu Law Firm, gave a speech about how to be your best self and the best teacher.  


The great, French writer Victor Hugo said that the functions of flowers are noble and that the functions of fruits are sweet but we should aspire to be purposeful and humble as in the functions of leaves. A teacher's career is like leaves the leaves; they willingly burn their own energy to illuminate others. A teacher's heaven is the three feet behind the podium working with their lovely students.



CIEO Chairman, Winnie Chen, stressed that education is strength in a strong country as young people of the world's minds are in a stage of ignorance but always full of curiosity and conflict. Therefore, as teachers, we have no reason not to care and to be a good teacher who knows, understands and abides by the law while practicing the concept of "education is love.”  We should love, respect and cherish every child.


At the end of this session Angela Wang, Vice General Manager of CIEO,Shirley Gao,Director of Basic Education Division, Coco Lin, Deputy Director of CIEO’s Preschool Education Division, joined principals from all CIEO kindergartens and schools in signing a safety responsibility letter on behalf of their schools. These letters indicate that CIEO will continue to attach importance to campus safety, fully guarantee safety of teachers and students and create a harmonious, warm and positive campus environment.


The teachers are the foundation of a school and their morals and ethics are the soul of education. Through this training, staff improved their political quality and moral ethics. The session reminded them not to break rules of morality or the law while reminding them to be teachers who show love and peace. 


An outstanding teacher can change the life path of a group of students, and a group of outstanding teachers can change and influence the culture and civilization process of an era. Moral construction; CIEO is always on the right path!

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